Fatigue and Distraction

Protect your drivers
through real-time alerts,
thus preventing accidents.

More safety on the road

Fatigue and Distraction by GPS Chile, scans the driver’s face in real time, flagging fatigue and distraction through in-cab and platform alarms. Using integrated information available on the platform, you can implement plans that reduce and prevent traffic accidents and thus reduce the company’s operating costs. The security standards of the fatigue sensor include data encryption, to ensure that recordings and events are only available to authorized administrators.


Access relevant

Protect people and assets,
while helping reduce
operating costs.

Lower accidents

Implement corrective and preventive measures based on complete event analysis and information on our platform.

Establish driving

Get real information on driving days and risk events, optimize shifts, and establish driving standards for your drivers.

Support driver

Real-time driver and platform alerts for monitoring and control.

Periodic reports and evidence

Access event backup materials, including reports, photos, and/or video, for 30 days, so you can implement safe driving plans for your team.

Real-time alerts save lives

Fatigue alert

Activated when the driver appears drowsy or is looking down.

Distraction alert

Activated when the driver is looking to the side for more than 5 seconds.

Smoking alert

Activated when the driver smokes for more than 2 seconds.

Phone use alert

Activated when the driver holds a mobile phone and talks for more than 3 seconds.

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