Management Platforms

Keep your operation under
control at all times.

Keep your operation under control at all times, optimize your resources, improve your management, and make your business more profitable.

GPS Chile fleet management and control solutions are based on GPS satellite tracking, which allows the remote transmission of information from peripherals (sensors, driver assistance systems, motor telemetry, etc.). The information collected by the GPS devices is stored and processed so that our customers can access it from different platforms.


Save time

Access and control all the relevant information on the movement and status of your assets.

Simplify your operation

Record and control at all times, from any device.


Define roles and profiles in order to configure and restrict user access to the appropriate modules and actions for each operation.

Reports and dashboard

Overview of the current status of your fleet, by key indicators.

Meet our platforms

Navman Director

A world-class solution that lets you know the operational status of every vehicle in a fleet in real time. It is the most robust, most complete platform on the market, providing a wide range of functionalities and reports, fast access, and a reliable, easy-to-use system. Includes a “High Definition” module, which provides second-to-second tracking of your vehicles' activity, as well as offensive driving and maintenance modules.


The GPS Track platform gives you the information and reports you need for better management. Using dynamic panels that can display both real-time information and historical reports on the operation, you can monitor the cold chain, review the preventive maintenance module, etc.


This platform is oriented toward developing management and control solutions that are tailored to each customer, delivering fully customized reports and personalizing the display, control, and management of fatigue and distraction sensors, Mobileye, tolls, etc.


With a focus on optimizing management and increasing the profitability of your business, you will have your assets under control at all times. Over 11 reports are available to support correct fleet management, together with real-time notifications in the palm of your hand.

Some specific management modules included on the platforms

High definition

Provides second-to-second
tracking of your vehicles'


To plan and control
maintenance services.

Share information

To optimize customer service.

Manage your fleet with GPS Chile

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