Third Eye - Mobileye

A safety warning with
a two-second lead can prevent up
to 99% of rear-end accidents.

Protect your drivers and assets with Mobileye

With Mobileye, your fleet will meet the highest safety standards, helping your drivers  avoid roadway accidents and improving your vehicle performance. Thanks to integrated artificial intelligence , you can mitigate road hazards with through  visual and audio warnings.

Acces relevant management information, through integration with our platforms. Maintain a complete driving profile  and make your business safer and more efficient


Better performance
and cost savings

Over 20% increase in vehicle performance, with lower traffic accident cost.

Third Eye

Recognizes and warns the driver in te cab of possible forward collisions, pedestrian collisions, safe headway distance, excess speed, and involuntary lane departures.

Business Profitability

Integrating with our platform will provide strategic information for taking safety actions and optimizing your operations.

Alerts of inminents rear-end collision with vehicle ahead

Forward collision warnings

Alerts for rear-end collisions with a vehicle in front.

Safety distance monitoring

Warns when the distance to the vehicle ahead is not safe (min 0.6 red - max 2.5 green).

Pedestrian Collision Warning

Warning of imminent collision with pedestrian.

lane departure warning

Warns if the vehicle leaves the lane without using a turn signal.

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