Cameras –
Remote Video

Remotely control your operation
with live monitoring

Remote supervision of each vehicle

Thanks to the integration of security cameras with GPS tracking, this solution allows real-time video transmission of a vehicle’s position and route, so that you can monitor all your operations and deploy tools that facilitate the remote management, identification, registration, and control of processes.


Real-time recording

Registro y vista en vivo de lo que ocurre con sus vehículos, desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. El sistema de grabación permite conectar hasta 4 cámaras, y su capacidad de visión nocturna con iluminación infrarroja permite registrar movimientos en cabina y alrededor del camión, de noche o en lugares con escasa iluminación.

Increased productivity

Todo monitoreado y disponible 24/7, en cualquier lugar y desde el dispositivo que se elija. • Control de las operaciones de carga y descarga. • Supervisión sobre los vehículos para tener mayor control de rutas no autorizadas. • Registro visual de paradas innecesarias. • Control del estado de la carga.


This solution identifies bad driving habits, thereby reducing the probability of traffic collisions. It also lets you know immediately what is happening with the vehicle or fleet, identifying and recording people involved in load, fuel, or vehicle theft and helping uncover internal sabotage.

Real-time alerts that save lives

1 month recording

24/7 continuous recording with the vehicle running, on the device's 1TB hard disk, and a one-week backup on an SD card with average storage of 10 hours a day.

Video storage in
the cloud (optional)

Lets you quickly access and download videos and recordings from the last 10 days, regardless of whether the vehicle is running.

VOD: Video On Demand (optional)

Lets you generate a ticket from the platform to request videos of up to two hours in length.

Manage your fleet with GPS Chile

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